Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 3

I had a nice evening out to celebrate my husband's birthday.  I was looking at the menu and in my brain saying "okay, salmon, salad, veggies, yes" but then the waitress came and I opened my mouth and "chicken tortellini" fell out.  How did that happen??  Oh well, thankfully I did great for breakfast and lunch, so my overall calories and fat weren't bad, considering!

Calories- 2984
Fat- 170.4 (88 sat fat)
Carbs- 224.6
Protein- 141.7

50% fat, 30% carbs, 20% protein


  1. What are the ideal percentages on this program?

    I hope your chicken tort was good :)

  2. It was! Though I was kicking myself for ordering it :)

    I don't think the book specifies for phase 1, but for phase 2 it's 60% fat, 30% carbs, and 10% protein.