Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Starting stats

Okay, this is hard for me!  But I'm putting it out there so that a few months from now when I've shed a bunch of weight and inches and I can brag about how much I lost :)

Weight- 239 (though I only gained 3 pounds over the holidays, so that's something, right??)

Bust- 47"
Bicep- 15"
Waist- 41"
Hips- 52"
Thigh- 26.5"

Doubling for biceps and thighs, that's a total of 223 inches!!  I will weigh once a week, but I'll only measure once a month.

I'm pretty sure I ate more for breakfast today than I ever have in my life.  Which actually isn't difficult, since I've never been good about eating breakfast, come to think of it.

Grapefruit with coconut sprinkles.  So pretty, but grapefruit is every bit as disgusting as I remember it being as a child!  I was hoping my adult taste buds would appreciate it, but apparently not.  It tastes fine going down, but the aftertaste is unmistakably vomit.  Not appealing.  So I think in the future I will substitute a whole orange, instead.

The bacon, eggs, and toast were delicious though, of course!


  1. haha, i love grapefruit. but an orange w/ coconut sounds divine too!

  2. I love grapefruit too but if we all did, they would be more expensive right? :-)
    Breakfast is so very important!

  3. See, now I just think my tastebuds are defective, lol!

  4. Ha! I just noticed this post and wanted to let you know that I don't think your tastebuds are defective at all! I can't eat grapefruit either!! Yuck.