Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 1 down!

Day one is done and I am BEAT!  I'm used to spending a lot of time in the kitchen, but geeze!  I feel like I spent all day cooking.  I sure hope my time in kitchen eases up as I get used to the routine. 

Lunch- Coconut Corn soup, kombucha, 1 oz raw cheddar cheese, and one multi-grain wasa cracker.  The soup was decent, not something to drool over, but I'd make it in the fall after I harvested corn (actually, I made it with corn I canned from last year!)

Taking the coconut oil is more difficult than I thought.  Not physically, I mean, just trying to remember to take it 20 minutes before I eat.  I actually found the easiest way is to just dissolve it in some warm water and gulp it.  I've tried putting it in with herbal tea, but didn't really care for it that way.  It's like "oh yum, tea!  Oh god, what's with the oil slick on top?!"

Dinner was delicious!  Mesclun salad (which I figured out is just mixed baby greens, now I feel like a dolt) with blue cheese, toasted pine nuts, and balsamic salad dressing.  And a yummy triangle crouton made from some Ezekiel sprouted grain bread and fried in lard.

Dinner was so good, actually, that I was halfway through devouring it before I realized I forgot to take a picture!  Oh well, here's my $25 chicken dressed up in some delectable coconut peanut sauce.  Also some buttered green beans and there's some fermented kimchi hiding in there somewhere.  The coconut peanut sauce was totally awesome.  Something I would happily make again.  And, since my kids wouldn't eat the sauce (it was a bit spicy) I had about half of it left over.  So I froze it to use later.  I'm assuming if you're reading you have Eat Fat, Lose Fat, so I won't post the recipe unless someone asks :)

I tracked all my food today on fitday, and here's the breakdown-

Calories- 2,683
Fat- 221.1 grams (133.3 saturated)
Carbs- 104.8g
Protein- 86.9

72% Fat, 15% carbs, 13% protein


  1. I love Kombucha!! If you go here:

    My SIL has a yummy sounding smoothie recipe using coconut oil.

    Where do you get yours? Do you have a cheap (reasonable!) local source?

  2. Oh, sounds yummy :) And I think I have all the ingredients!

    Do you mean where do I get the coconut oil? Sunspot in West Lafayette has a few different brands, you can get a 29oz tub of extra virgin coconut oil for $23,which isn't too bad!