Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Prep work

Well, my husband's birthday is this Friday, so I was going to push back our "start date," but I realized I would probably just keep finding excuse to put it off, so I decided to do my prep work today and start tomorrow!  So, I took my VERY LONG grocery list out today, and was able to get most of what I needed at Kroger.  I did have to drive 45 minutes to the nearest town that has a health food store for the rest (ah, rural life!)  There were only a few things I couldn't find, and I think I'll be able to substitute them easy (like, no mesclun!  Not sure what I'll substitute for papaya, maybe mango??)

So, I got that all gathered up.  Made my Mary's Oil Blend (1 cup each extra virgin olive oil, sesame oil, and melted coconut oil), isn't it pretty?  I've got my coconut sprinkles in the oven (made with maple syrup from the next county over).  Looked over the recipes for tomorrow and set out what needed to thaw (beef and chicken stock, and a whole cut up chicken, which, okay, cost me TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS because I'm out of my own chickens...I am SO ready to order my next round of meat birds!!)

So, I think I'm all ready for tomorrow!  I'll get my weight and measurements in the morning before breakfast (it will probably kill me to share them publicly), and I'm going to try to track it all on fitday.com so I can report what my ratio of fat/carbs/protein is.


  1. Oh, and if I get the time I'll figure the cost of everything. I'm guessing I spent around $275 on food today, eep!

  2. Darn. I thought that stuff in the picture was beer. Is beer included in the diet?? My sis-in-law (who is uber-NT) swears the beer at LBC is health food because it is unpasteurized!

  3. LOL!! Well, EFLF does say you can occasionally consume unpasteurized beer or wine :)