Friday, April 15, 2011

Indonesian Coconut Steak w/broccoli and kimchi
Howdy!  Since I last posted I've joined Curves (again!)  I signed up 3 weeks ago and was weighed and measured.  I had gained back the weight I had lost when I was a good girl and spent 2 weeks following EFLF to the letter.  So far I've dropped 3 pounds and my motivation is returning!  Currently at Curves the owner is doing the Weight Management program, which is quite a bit different than the EFLF program.  I think I'm going to meld the two a bit, by eating real food (instead of the WM suggestions of things like egg replacer and soy sausage- GAG!!) but restrict calories a little more than EFLF and go closer to the WM protein/carb/fat ratios.  I'm hoping this will make it a bit easier on me in terms of cost and time spent in the kitchen.

One change from the book I have been able to do a pretty good job of sticking with is carb reduction.  Used to be we ate a pretty typical meat/carb or starch/veggie at dinner, and I've found it very easy to do 2 veggies (usually one fermented) and a sald (plus a good sized portion of meat, of course) instead!  As a total carb addict, that's a pretty big step for me!  In the picture above I've got Indonesian Coconut Steak from the EFLF book (the book has you mix the coconut in, but then it gets like gray and icky looking- I find it more appealing garnished on top), some lightly cooked broccoli with a little pastured butter and salt, and some delicious fermented kimchi.  I also had a big salad with the Asian style dressing out of EFLF.  When I first started doing the curries and stir fries out of the book, I thought that I would really miss the rice that I would typically serve it on top of, but adding in the extra veggies and salads really fills us up!

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  1. Oh, I'm getting back to tracking food on, so hopefully that will help me do some more regular updates!