Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Ah, I kind of fell off the face of the blogosphere there, didn't I?  Well, now you see one of many reasons why I'm not a professional blogger.  I kind of suck at it.  But I shall make it up to you with pictures!  (Who doesn't love pictures?!)

Plain grassfed whole milk yogurt for whey
 I made some whey to do ferments, since the ones at the health food store are so ridiculously expensive (I mean really, $12.99 for a PINT?!)  It was so easy, and the whey works SO much better than doubling the salt.  I did some sauerkraut, and it turned out great.


And some gratuitous meatball action, because I adore meatballs.  These are from the Pioneer Woman's cookbook, they do have oatmeal, but super easy to use soaked instead of dry.
Yeah.  There's one missing.  I have to taste test, you know.

I made those mashed potatoes with the cream cheese left from the whey.  Wee!
So during my month and a half away, I gained back 4 of the 5 pounds I lost.  Then lost 3 of those 4.  So I'm almost back to where I left off.  We bought an Xbox360 and I've been playing Kinect Adventures most nights, it's actually a pretty good work out!

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